Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.
-Mark 16:15




Over the next 5 years, we have set out to win one billion souls to Christ.


Through open-air crusades, relief and rescue efforts, discipleship training and unifying the body of Christ, our mission is to spread the Gospel across the world and share the love of Christ.


After years of being a successful entrepreneur, Evangelist Jeffrey Battles, along with his wife Tiffany, knew that God had a different call on their lives. The Bible talks about the laborers being few. This became clear as every week passed, and the offerings continuously went towards upgrading lifestyles. Feeling that each passing day was a missed opportunity, God finally confirmed that it was time to GO! They gave up their business and many of their possessions and in 2018, Evg. Jeffrey went on his first mission to the Middle East.

Since then, Impact Nations Global has grown into one of the most active ministries, conducting dozens of missions each year. Those missions have resulted in millions of people having given their lives to Christ, hundreds of churches being built, and many villages have been provided with food, water, and education. Our rescue missions have brought families into safety and prosperity, and our discipleship program has trained many new believers to walk out their purpose and win the lost.


Impact Nations Global has an ignited and passionate team who are dedicated to expanding God’s kingdom and believes in the heart and vision of this ministry. From the U.S. to Africa and the Middle East, the team is growing every day with on-fire people who love seeing God move.

"This ministry is more than just thoughts and prayers when people are hurting. The deeds are an example of the faith of this team."

– Jeff Caldwell

"This ministry has a big vision and a burning passion to share the gospel of Jesus with people all around the world."

– Pam Hopper

"Serving with Impact Nations Global has been life-changing for my me and my daughters. To see the heart of this ministry on a daily basis has driven us to want to do more for God's kingdom."

– Jodie Briggs


Our youth is our future

We have an impassioned team of youth with an incredible heart for God and a desire to build and serve His kingdom. These kids have an invaluable message to share and ING equips them to find their purpose and a platform to fulfill it. Traveling the world, preaching, worshiping, serving… our youth does it all! Not only have they impacted lives around the world but they have been even more blessed by those they have met. Many of our youth stay in contact with kids from villages all over.