Impact A Child

On one of our missions over seas we experienced one of the villages completely flooded by excessive rains. Children in their bare feet standing in inches of rain. 45 degrees. No coats, no hats. The hardest part was walking away not having enough in the budget to assist in this unexpected bout of weather. There are two types of people. One says we can't help everyone, we did the best we could, and justify walking away. The other says, this is not acceptable, and what can I do to help just 1 more.

Jesus says in Matthew 25 "I was hungry and you didn't feed me, I was thirsty and you didn't give me drink, was naked and you clothed me not, was sick and in prison but never visited me." They asked Jesus "but when did we fail to do these things to you?" Jesus replied "when you did not do unto the least of these, you did not do unto me." Jesus follows in the parable of the good samaritan in luke chapter 10 by saying the priest walked right by the man in need, the church member walked around the man in need, but a man who was not expected to help, actually helped above and beyond.  Loving our neighbors requires more than prayer. It requires a great action from the real church! The doers!

We aren't the team that walks away wishing we could do more. We are the team that goes to work harder so we can do more. We've had our boots on the ground, gathered the data and have created a system that will cover the needs of every child in over 12 different villages from the middle east and Africa. Tens of Thousands of children! 1 call to our cable company threatening to cancel, or cooking at home instead of the drive thru for 1 meal gives us the savings needed to take care of every major need of a child hopeless otherwise.

Thirty seven dollars a month. Daily food, clean water, and education in areas where these items are not available to these children.

Thirty seven dollars a month impacts a child's life. Your gift becomes the miracle they've been praying for. We aren't looking for priests to walk on by, we are looking for people who preach their own message with their actions! One at a time till we reach the entire world! To God be the glory as we become the hands and feet!