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Many Christians have been devastated by what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is uproar as we watch our government turn its back while innocent lives are being taken for their faith in Jesus Christ. Impact Nations Global and Eternal Life Ministries are putting boots on the ground with Full gospel crusades in Pakistan and at the border of Afghanistan. We want to show them that Jesus Christ is alive! We expect to have several hundred thousand in attendance from all backgrounds – Catholic, Muslim, even Taliban and those in the middle of every belief.

We are asking you to stand with us and help us bring Jesus to the darkest areas in the world. We’ll go in the pits if you hold on to the ropes!

Consider sponsoring one, ten, even twenty or more buses. That’s 100’s if not 1000’s of souls! You can sponsor as many buses as you would like. 100% of donations goes directly towards getting people to the crusades.

The cost for each bus to bring people in from villages near and far is around $100 USD and fits upwards of 100 people per bus.

Get in the fight with us! Help us win souls and more! Sponsor a bus today!


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